Conversations with ATX Leaders

ATX Leader 克雷格•福斯特

Conversations with ATX Leaders: 克雷格•福斯特

By 神父管理 | 2020年5月6日

“I feel a little bit like the third little pig” shares Executive Director of Job Seekers Network, 克雷格•福斯特.  His organization emerged during a previous season of high unemployment rates, during the financial crisis of 2008. A job search framing and networking organization, Job Seekers hosts weekly gatherings, not shifting to weekly Zoom meetings across…

ATX Leader Daryl Horton

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Daryl Horton

By 神父管理 | 2020年5月5日

“This is an opportunity to go beyond myself and to continue to be an extension of who God wants me to be.”  As churches look to re-open there are conversations about restrictions, 宗教仪式, and a respect for both the community and government.  Reverend Daryl Horton of Mt. Zion Church of Austin joins us for…

ATX Leader Tom Diviney

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Tom Diviney

By 神父管理 | 2020年5月4日

对于许多, framing a post pandemic culture with a “new normal” feels a bit premature, but all leaders are looking to what moving forward means for their groups and organizations.  Pastor Tom Diviney of Bethany United Methodist Church is remaining attentive to how his church will be shaped through this pandemic. Even while a handful…

ATX Leader 尼克改变

Conversations with ATX Leaders: 尼克改变

By 神父管理 | 2020年5月1日

You know it’s going to be a fun conversation when someone’s ZOOM background is a scenic photo, providing us with a brief virtual escape. President and Founder of Alter Endeavors, 尼克改变, joins ABBA Executive Director 丰富的卡尼 for an inspiring conversation. When you are naturally a people person, this isolation requires you find new…

ATX Leader Patricia Hayes

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Patricia Hayes

By 神父管理 | 2020年4月30日

“You are not alone.  你没疯.”   Patricia Hayes, a frequent guide and coach for Austin leaders, is a lawyer by trade. Years ago she made a decision to move from a “C-suite” role to step out on her own.  “I don’t need to see the entire staircase to take the next step.”…

ATX Leader Alan Graham

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Alan Graham

By 神父管理 | 2020年4月29日

“Let’s talk about the reality of where we are today with the economy.” Join us for a sobering conversation with CEO & Founder of Mobile Loaves & Fishes, Alan Graham. “I think it’s time for people to be realistic about what’s happened.”   Some experts say an invention of a vaccine today would still require…

唐纳德基督教 ATX Leader Conversation

Conversations with ATX Leaders: 唐纳德基督教

By 神父管理 | 2020年4月28日

“When do you move on planning to make the plan?”   President of Concordia University, 唐纳德基督教, joins ABBA Executive Director, 丰富的卡尼, for a great conversation from the world of academia. Through this season, Concordia’s main goal is to ensure students persist through this time.  Wether it’s completing this semester,  wrapping up their degree,…

Jurie Kriel Pastor of 512 City Church Austin

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Jurie Kriel

By 神父管理 | 2020年4月27日

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12 The greatest distance in life is the gap between our expectations and reality. As we attempt to gauge timing and distance through Corona-virus we have all these expectations but they continue to be extended and postponed. 领导人……

ATX Leader 迈克Keffales

Conversations with ATX Leaders: 迈克Keffales

By 神父管理 | 2020年4月24日

Emergent Leader Initiative participant, 迈克Keffales, shares his perspective as a young leader in Austin during this time. In the middle of a leadership development and personal growth program, Mike was seeing things move in his career and beginning to pull together plans for additional ventures, 然后, 大流行. 对于许多 this season can…

Conversations with ATX Leader John Gillis

Conversations with ATX Leaders: John Gillis

By 神父管理 | 2020年4月23日

“How do I handle layoffs with grace?” a question John Gillis, published author of the Powerhouse: 13 Teamwork Tactics that Build Excellence and Unrivaled Success and partner at LeadershipX, is hearing often as he supports executives navigating this difficult season. Join ABBA for a fascinating conversation about leadership decisions through COVID-19. As his own organization is…