Conversations with ATX Leaders

Mike Martin ELI Coach on ATX Leadership Conversations

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Rich Carney

By ABBA Admin | April 22, 2020

What happens when the interviewer becomes the interviewee? You get great insight with highlights from conversations with ATX leaders across all industries.  Join the Blended Sense team as they sit down with Austin Bridge Builders Alliance Executive Director, Dr. Rich Carney.   ABBA is striving to keep people connected as the enemy of isolation is…

Mike Martin ELI Coach on ATX Leadership Conversations

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Mike Martin

By ABBA Admin | April 21, 2020

Emergent Leader Initiative Coach and retired business leader, Mike Martin shares what he is seeing among young business leaders during this time. “This a fantastic opportunity for young leaders to go through chaos.  An opportunity for really learning and observing.”   Mike and ABBA team member, Jeff Johnson, reflect on how difficult seasons produce a…

ATX Leader Conversations with Joel Trammell

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Joel Trammel

By ABBA Admin | April 19, 2020

“Until we overcome this fear, we will not be able to make any progress with the economy.” What will Austin look like post pandemic? Join us for a candid and encouraging conversation with Joel Trammell, CEO of Khorus and author of the CEO Tightrope.  Joel shares his vantage point as we look toward the new…

Ivan Geraldo

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Ivan Geraldo

By ABBA Admin | April 16, 2020

For some sectors of the workforce things have remained somewhat business as usual.  In many ways that is the case for Ivan Geraldo, President of Cleanscapes. As his crews follow each city’s guidelines to stay safe and respect social distancing, Ivan is passionate about making sure his employees welfare is top priority.  With daily check…

Conversation with ATX Leader Chris Champion

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Chris Champion

By ABBA Admin | April 15, 2020

“We hear the phrase ‘this is an unprecedented time,’ but as believers we see this as an unprecedented opportunity to speak a biblical narrative into the realities that we are all facing right now.” Chris Champion   Similar to what the nation experienced during 9-11, we are seeing a level of vulnerability and honest communication…

ATX Leader Amy Hagen

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Amy Hagen

By ABBA Admin | April 14, 2020

Education Connection began their nonprofit adventure ten years ago with a partnership between one church and one school.  Now, Amy Hagen of Education Connection, leads a team of staff and volunteers that serve within eleven school districts, ninety-four schools, one hundred and twenty churches, and forty businesses.  Managing over one thousand and two hundred volunteers,…

ATX Leaders Wade Lombard

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Wade Lombard

By ABBA Admin | April 12, 2020

While many teams are working from home, many leaders all across Austin are continuing to remain open as they are considered essential services through this time.  Square Cow Moovers continues to serve the Austin area as a top household goods mover in the area.  Austin continues to grow, and people continue to move into new…

ATX leader conversations Moore family

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Eric & Andrea Moore

By ABBA Admin | April 11, 2020

Eric and Andrea Moore, Lead Pastors of Summit Worship Center, join us for a refreshing conversation about leading and life during this season. Remembering that we do have a God that leads us in maintaining balanced life, we have to seek to be responsible while tempered with a measure of faith. We took a moment…

Jamie LaGarde of Sedera ATX Leadership

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Jamie LaGarde

By ABBA Admin | April 10, 2020

“Even though we are apart, we are still very much together.”   Jamie LaGarde, CEO of Sedera, shares how he is managing his 75 employees and serving their over 26,000 members.  A community based solution for providing health care, Jamie’s organization is in many ways a front line supporter during the COVID-19 Pandemic, bringing clarity…

ATX Leaders for Restoring Family Ministries

Conversations with ATX Leaders: Herb & Kennisha Moffett

By ABBA Admin | April 8, 2020

“Before this, when there was conflict or tension in the home, people would use work or maybe even church, to escape.” Herb Moffett.   Spiritual Leaders of Restoring Family Ministries, Herb & Kennisha Moffett, are seeing opportunities for God to challenge, strengthen and grow His influence in our families during this pandemic.   The shelter…