Conversations with ATX Leaders: Brent Dusing

“As Christians you should see a difference.” Join us for a challenging and practical conversation with Brent Dusing, Managing Partner of Gideon Ventures.


In the midst of the dot-com crash and right before one of the country’s greatest tragedies, 9-11, Brent began his career.  On September 4th, 2001, at 23 years old, Brent began investing and looking to be a part of companies with a Kingdom Purpose. “There were a lot of questions and a lot of uncertainty,” Brent reflects. Learning how to invest and find clear paths forward through uncertain and unclear times, Brent finds himself employing similar mindsets and strategies now nearly twenty years later.


“Expect things to take longer, but stay focused on your core purpose and stay the course,” shares Brent. During this time Brent emphasizes three principles for discernment: pay attention to new aggregators, listen to knowledgable sources, observing their behavior, and stay connected to your network.


Beyond business, Brent challenges us to take the time to see how God is moving through this season.  “God is using this to reset people’s focus,” Brent shares. “What it really gets down to is, what do you believe?”  With a shift from busy schedules, distractions and travels, suddenly leaders are finding there’s a lot more time to prioritize what’s really important. “I’m hearing more and more men be intentional.” Often times we find leaders attaching their identity to their work and career. Brent offers, “I really want to challenge leaders – how can your identity be transformed during this time?”


Gideon Ventures continues to connect people through stories, images, and games, and the value of that connection is increasingly important during this time. “I want to challenge everyone that’s listening to be the hope. Who’s that neighbor that you can reach out to? Who is someone you know that’s lost a job that you can introduce to an opportunity.” As we move from a place of fear toward a place of hope, don’t miss this vibrant conversation with a terrific Austin leader!